York Community Energy


This document sets out how York Community Energy processes personal data.

We hold the following types of personal data:

We only use data for our established purpose of promoting and developing community owned renewable energy in York. We do not raise money from advertising or commercial marketing, though we may circulate information that we believe to be of interest to our members.

Personal data held by YCE is available to all committee members, but it may also be shared with other YCE members for the purposes of organising our activities. We will not share your personal data with any third parties without your prior consent.


How we deal with personal data


YCE offers lifetime membership and as such we will retain your membership records until such time as you notify us that you no longer wish to be a member (or that we are informed of your death). Our constitution requires us to communicate notices of AGMs and EGMs to all members. If we find that we have no valid means of making contact with you then we will remove your membership after one year.



Our newsletter list is managed by Mailchimp. If you are not a YCE member then in order to subscribe to it you will need to respond to a confirmation email to receive updates.

Every email we send carries an unsubscribe link, but if you wish to unsubscribe you can also email info@yorkcommunityenergy.org.uk at any time.


Donation and other financial records

We keep financial records for seven years.


Other data

We retain details, including records of email exchanges of other organisations and interested parties for the purposes of developing and a community energy project and promoting community energy projects and renewable energy.



Our website does not use any cookies. However embedded third-party content (e.g. videos) may send cookies to your browser upon activation. The compliance of third parties with GDPR and other privacy rules is not the responsibility of YCE.


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