York Community Energy

The Duct Apes run Micklegate for YCE

Sunday August 28th was the inaugural Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge, which saw a bewildering array of superheroes, animals and cartoon characters hurtling over the cobbles in all manner of contraptions. We were lucky enough to be one of the chosen charities for the fundraising of Martin Design Associates and their team The Duct Apes.  So YCE went along for the day to return the support!

Watch the video here:

The Duct Apes did us proud. Despite an almighty slam into the hay bales at the end of their first run (which bent a tracking rod) they were in the top three time after the first two rounds of races, making the final run-off. But alas, disaster struck when a tyre came off as they cornered the chicane on the cobbles, denting their time on that all-important final run. They still finished in a very respectable fifth place. And though we may be biased, we think that the Great Ape Escape surely deserved the prize for best performance.

We’d like to thank everyone at Martin Design Associates, who raised over £800 for YCE, with the same amount also going to Martin House Hospice and Yorkshire Cancer Research. And you can still donate to the Duct Apes until the end of November!

We’d also like to thank everyone involved in organising the Micklegate Run – it was an immensely fun day. We’re looking forward to the next one!