York Community Energy

Become a supporter of YCE and get the T-shirt!

T-shirtIf you’ve been along to any YCE events you’ll probably have seen the YCE committee and volunteers wearing these rather distinctive bright blue T-shirts.

We had a few enquiries from people wondering if they could get hold of their own YCE T-shirt, and then a discussion with members at our AGM back in June arrived at the decision to create ‘Supporter’ memberships for people who want to give a bit more and help to raise the profile of the organisation.

We’re still very keen to keep our standard membership as low as possible, in line with our conviction that community energy should be for the whole community, not just those who can afford it. But as of today you can sign up as a ‘supporter’ for £10 per year. And if you pay £25 or more (in any year) then we’ll send you your own YCE T-shirt.

We’ll be setting up a ‘Supporters’ page on which we will list all our supporter members (tell us if you’d rather we didn’t!), with special mentions for those that have volunteered their time to help YCE.

If you’re already (fully paid-up) existing member, stay tuned because we’ll shortly be offering you these T-shirts at £15 – our way of thanking you for getting on board early!

If you aren’t – head on over to the Join YCE page and support us!